Books & Beyond Reading Club is a registered charitable institution under the Government of the HKSAR. (IR 91/16401)

Our Programs

Our THREE-YEAR ENGLISH READING ENRICHMENT PROGRAM and BEYOND nurture young hearts and minds.  We provide structured programs which address their needs at each stage of their journey and help them navigate their path of growing up.  

ENGLISH reading enrichment program

Interactive Storytelling Program


In-the-Classroom (12 classes)

-  Storytelling

-  Role-play/presentation

-  Literacy games


-  Library Outing, Central City Walk, Christmas Party


Reading Marathon Program


In-the-Classroom (3 classes)

-  Storytelling

-  Reading and writing for fun


-  Read and listen to 20 storybooks

-  Online fun comprehension and writing competition


Listening Skills Enhancement Program (3rd-year)

In-the-Classroom (10 classes)

- English listening skills training


- Online listening comprehension competition


BBRC Buddies Youth Community

A community for B&B graduates to have ongoing relationships with caring adults, leadership training and life-enhancing activities to succeed as teens and young adults.


Books & Beyond Angel Fund

-  Scholarship for students with outstanding academic results

-  A relief fund for families and students in the event of unexpected emergency or hardship